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Our Values

Generally most companies adopt codes of ethics and chart of values very well laid out, rather generic in the contents and therefore universally shared but which remain merely expressed solely in website page not finding any match in the staff at all levels.
Is it different for us? Honestly we believe so, it's different for us because we met, we have got to know each other and then associated, not because it was convenient, but because we "recognized" each other as a person, we realized that, each in their specificity, we had points in common especially in our values​​. Thanks to this, the harmonization of our working group is carried out not by means of rules and regulations, but through the ethical considerations of each one of us.
The differences enrich and the product of the difference is always of a positive sign
that's what our slogan states, it reiterates our opening and predisposition to interact with the world in a constructive spirit.
We are convinced that the man is at the center of everything, and that things can only work when there is a constructive attitude and agreement. What we consider as important is not to create restricted areas, exclusive elite, operate in the sacred tombs, but it is working, inventing, doing business with those who empathize with our way of being and somehow reflects some of our values.
Simplicity, respect, communication, collaboration, trust and honesty are not empty words for us, but the essential components to build anything.
We want to intertwine transparent business relations, simple and direct, sealable with a handshake. This comes before any other interest. An essential point in ltd As One is that we do not create predominant behaviors but we build work platforms based on relationships of trust, in a form of constructive sharing in order to contribute to the growth of everyone.
Adherence to this style is not just a naive desire to build an "ideal world", but it is also a rational attempt to maximize the results of our work without wasting unnecessary energy in anything other than the work itself, enriched by the pleasure of being together in a relaxed and even enjoyable way.
Maximizing the result is also achieved through the careful selection of our collaborators and customers, always trying to pick in a selection of people who experience sharing what stated above, in a few words: smart people. This adjective is meant in the law expressed by the well-known economist who was Mario Cipolla, with the ambition to position ourselves always in the Dial "I" of his famous diagram of economic behavior (
Carlo M. Cipolla
Les lois basiques de la bétise humaine Carlo M. Cipolla
Les lois basiques de la bétise humaine
But maximizing the profits, achieve and have other people achieve success, is not a goal itself, far from it, it is a means for us to meet our aspiration of inclusion inside the other and to share the outcomes, to get to implement ambitious programs of economic and social development and assistance.

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